Naming conventions in outgoing packets

Juan Cirer (Jcirer@EUPVG.UPC.ES)
Wed, 15 Jan 1997 11:24:00 EST

Hello All!!!

I'm unsing Ifmail 2.8g with the tx extensions, and I've some dudes
about the name of compressed packets:

I receive mail from 4 diferent networks an my outgoing directory has
theis structure:
outb |
+ fidonet
+ amiganet
+ cuared
+ bionet

But, in each directory appears the packet with name
00000000.{name_of_day}0, is this correct? or it would be a random
name like it happens with frontdoor????

And why, after uploading a packet, it is truncated to 0 lenght, and
it retrys uploading the same with packet, and terminates with an

Juan Cirer