Re: Probs compiling if prgs under linux 2.0.0

Juan Cirer (
Wed, 4 Dec 1996 20:18:05 +1100 (EDT)

On Sun, 1 Dec 1996, Pablo Saratxaga wrote:

> > I'm having problems compiling any of the if* programs under Linux
> > 2.0.0 - It's looking for a file ndbm.h - Eugene tells me that this should
> you use Slackware :) which hasn't included it separately.
> You should get it from elsewhere and install it.
> (I installed it from a *.rpm package after installing the rpm program)

Great! You know what I'm talking about!!! I desperately need
something to handle incoming fidonet calls under Linux, or my NC is going
to KeelHaul me!

Could you please possibly attach a Linux 2.0.0 compiled version
of ifcico? Or the ndbm package, or tell me where I can get ndbm or this
"rpm" package from. Or possibly a combination of the above :)

Please forgive my innocence in comiling things under Linux, this
is my first compilation (Outside of the kernel!)


James :) Collins