Re: Extra info into FidoNet

Eugeny Kuzakov (
Fri, 27 Sep 1996 13:31:01 +0600

You may correct this by patch file message.c. You need look to function
Insert or correct lines a la:...

/* 0-junk, 1-kludge, 2-pass */
if (!strcasecmp(msg->kev,"From")) return 0;

> From: Brian Lane <>
> To:
> Subject: Extra info into FidoNet
> Date: 26 ноября 1996 г. 19:05
> I'm having some problems with messages being sent to my FidoNet
> hubs. The extra information (like the 'Received From' line, and the
> From line) is causing allfix and areafix to have problems. Is there
> any way that I can disable adding these lines to outgoing FidoNet
> packets? Actually I guess that they would need to be stripped off by
> ifmail or some other agent before packing, right?
> Does anyone else have this problem? areafix works, but complains
> about the extra lines as if they were areas being requested, but
> allfix get scrambled completely and won't process the message.
> Brian