VMODEM linkups

Florian Overkamp (sim@wit393101.student.utwente.nl)
Tue, 19 Nov 1996 07:38:50 +0100 (MET)


i'm terribly sorry if this is a frequently asked question of some sort,
but i've looked through the ifmail material several times, and scanned the
web including the ifmail home-site, came up with nothing.

i have a 24/7 link to the internet, running linux with ifmail etc. and my
downlink uses os/2. ususally he dials in through the modem, but we were
experimenting a bit with internet-polling. we managed to get most of the
stuff working, but there is a little trick :-((

he is using a mailer which won't allow a space in a dial-string, so he
can't be directed to port 60177 as shown with the iftelnetd. all his
telnetted connections are forced to port 23.

we figure the options are :
- getting linux to grasp the concept of fidonet-links through in.telnetd -
not very convenient, nor elegant.
or :
- installing some kind of iftelnetd variant that can deal with real
vmodem, so we can put that on port 3141.

my questions are :
1) is there such a thing, and if so where can i find it ?
2) if there isn't is there a general though of how to go about writing it
(i can write a decent bit of code ;)
3) am i missing some other possibilities here ?

thanx in advance!

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