Problem routing fidonet mail to my points

Fri, 15 Nov 96 13:02:44 -0500

Hello All!

After a hectic time setting up ifmail at my node, I am having problems routing
mail meant for my points to the proper outbound area. I have the following in
my /var/spool/ifmail directory:

protect-inbound, protect-outbound, outbound, outbound.001 (created by ifmail),
listed-inbound, listed-outbound, unpacked, log, inbound. Under outbound I
have the hex value of my node ie 169c0000.pnt. I expect that mail to my
points will be packed into 169c0000.pnt with the appropriate hex value of the
point, ie 0000ffff for point 1 etc.

This does not happen though. I believe I need some form or translation in but what I tried does not work.

The final writing of addresses of receipients is local so I get mail from to Mussisi say. I need to translate Mussisi to say

Has anyone got any idea how I can accomplish this? A script perhaps?