'~' and ifpack

Yar Tikhiy (yar@comp.chem.msu.su)
Fri, 1 Nov 1996 09:13:31 +0300 (MSK)

Hi All!

ifpack seems to mishandle lines in FLOs beginning with '~'

When ifpack decides how to name new arcmail bundle it
scans corresponding .?LO file and seeks for the greatest
last letter of today's suffix. While doing that ifpack
does not look at the first letters of .?LO lines, so it
handles already sent names marked '~' by ifcico as existing

The flaw leads to two troubles in the case some your link cannot
pick up all his echos for more than a week because of low channel
quality, for example:
a) Naming sequence breaks and downlink receives arcmail bundles
either with weird names like 00000000.mo} or with size of a few
megabytes (it depends on whether your ifpack has the patch around
the weird names)
b) The bundles with the names that .?LO already contains with '~'
prefix do not go to .?LO again and remain in outbound unattached.


--- ifpack.c.1 Fri Nov 1 08:58:13 1996
+++ ifpack.c Fri Nov 1 08:58:40 1996
@@ -309,7 +309,7 @@
if (fp) while (fgets(buf,sizeof(buf)-1,fp))
- if (strncmp(buf+1,arcfn,strlen(arcfn)-1) == 0)
+ if (*buf != '~' && strncmp(buf+1,arcfn,strlen(arcfn)-1) == 0)

SY, Yar