Contributors support at

Eugene Crosser (
Sun, 27 Oct 1996 01:42:55 +0300 (MSK)

This message is for those of you who are writing/maintaining contributions
and/or patches to ifmail package.

This Friday I have written several scripts that hopefully allow people
upload files fo the HTTP server at and maintain them.
To do this, a person should `register' and obtain an userid/password
pair on the server (I will `approve' registrations within a few days).
Later, the person can upload files with Netscape's file upload form
feature. Each person is given an individual subdirectory in the "contrib"
directory, where the uploaded files may be moved with a rudimentary
forms based filemanager.

I encourage the people whose additions/patches where not incorporated
into the `mainstream' release to use this as a depository. I am planning
to maintain as a primary ifmail site.

Please be warned that the server does *not* generate directory indices!
If you do not have "index.html" uploaded and put into your directory,
the whole directory will not be visible by http! CGIs are (naturally)

My CGIs are not debugged and not even finished, so if they do not work for
you, please let me know.