Re: {ifmail}: Need Help - How to transfer News to FIDO?

Mathura Srikanth (
Fri, 25 Oct 1996 15:06:22 -0400

At 11:51 AM 10/25/96 +0200, you wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>maybe I'm blind, but I don't understand how the News I write (using inn as
>news-server) get into the FIDO. I managed to send and recieve NETMAIL, I can
>also recieve ECHOMAIL, these things work fine.
>I configured my inn newsfeeds file like the file in /usr/src/ifmail/misc/inn.
>When I post an article the batchfile of inn grows, so the basic configuration
>seemed to be ok. What must I do, to tranfer the inn batch file to the ifmail
>outb directory?

In the ifmail source, there is a script "send-ifmail" in /misc/inn. This is
the one which has to be invoked from cron at regular periods. This reads
from the out-going news directory and invokes 'ifnews' which processes the
same. The processed outgoing fido news are put in the outb/(binkley format
fidoaddress)/current.tmp file.

On this , ifpack has to act, to form the binkley compatible mail bundle and
.flo file .
At this point, 'ifstat' would show the mail bundles waiting .

I hope this helps.