Re: Filerequests to Binkley do not end?

Roland Rosenfeld (MSD)
21 Oct 1996 16:11:14 +0200

Eugene Crosser <> wrote:

> > When requesting files from nodes using Binkley, the files are received
> > complete without problems (they are also moved from in/tmp to in).
> > But after receiving the last file the session isn't closed as usual,
> > but ifcico waits until the other side hangs up the phone...

> This is from the FAQ file:

> Q: When I poll a node, even though the session is competely correct,
> ifcico considers the call as failed (apparently, there is a problem
> with a SIGHUP coming too early...).
> A: Some fidonet mailers do not finish Zmodem session cleanly, with ZFIN.
> If they don't, there is *no* way to distinguish accidental hangup
> from the session completion. Ifcico prefers to be suspitions and
> interpret unclear situation as failure.

Is there any chance to change this behaviour (temporary)?
I got a mail that there really is a ZFIN-bug in Binkley (in the new
2.60XE versions, too), but the refering code in BT is so cryptic that
nobody tries to find a quick fix for this (and ifcico is the only
mailer having problems with this) :-(
So the problems between Binkley and ifcico will stay for a while.

Maybe someone wrote a little workarround which accepts a broken ZFIN
code if "remote uses: BinkleyTerm" was presented in the EMSI

I know that won't follow the standards and the bug resides in Binkleys
code, but Binkley is a very old mailer and if ifcico is the only
mailer which has problems with Binkley, we should write a workarround
to ignore this bug like all other mailers...

I don't want to start a discussion about standards, I simple need a
mailer (running on my Linux system) which can communicate with _all_
other mailers...



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