Filerequests to Binkley do not end?

Roland Rosenfeld (MSD)
12 Oct 1996 19:01:36 +0200


I have the following problem:
When requesting files from nodes using Binkley, the files are received
complete without problems (they are also moved from in/tmp to in).
But after receiving the last file the session isn't closed as usual,
but ifcico waits until the other side hangs up the phone...

This problem seems to be independent of the ifcico version (I
recogniced it with early 2.8 versions and with 2.8f-tx7.7, too).

The problem seems to be independent of the Binkley version (I had
problems with 2.59 and various 2.60XE Betas and Gammas).

The problem occures with ISDN (isdn4linux) and with modem (ZyXEL),

But the problem does not occure with other Mailers...

Does anybody know this problem? Do you have correkt Filerequests with
Binkley? Is there any switch I missed?



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