Re: problems "too many tries waiting EMSI handshake"

Pablo Saratxaga (
Tue, 1 Oct 1996 18:12:35 +0200 (MET DST)

Kaixo !

> > When I receive calls from McMail mailer they allways fails,
> > the McMail log tell this:
> > I think that the big problem is McMail thinks is a FTS-001 session and
> > ifcico thinks is an EMSI one. So ifcico waits for the EMSI packet until
> > timeout, while McMail tries to send by xmodem the files...
> Seems so. We found the following workarround: When you disable FTS-1
> in McMail (only for the ifcico systems) the EMSI-handshake works
> without problems. This isn't the optimal solution but it works. Any

Yes, it works.

> idea how to solve the problem from ifcico (it isn't optimal that

The problem isn't whith ifcico. I tried whith ifcico alone on the device
(that is whithout any getty) and it was ok too.
The problem is that McMail seem too much impatient.
If I understood well the Eugene's speech the getty (getty_ps in my case)
detects a EMSI call, then call ifcico whith the right parameters; I think
McMail tries to do an EMSI session whith the getty and fails (that's normal),
but doesn't try again and fallback to FTS-001


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