Re: ANNOUNCE: ifmaprequest-0.1

Roland Rosenfeld (MSD)
27 Sep 1996 23:05:32 +0200

Eugene Crosser <> wrote:

> > This package provides a patch for ifcico 2.8f-tx7.7 from the package
> > ifmail 2.8f-tx7.7 package, which allows you to create an ascii file

> There is no such thing as "ifmail 2.8f-tx7.7 package" There is
> "ifmail-2.8f" (by myself) and there are "tx7.7 patches" (by Pablo
> Saratxaga).

Okay let me tell you in other words: The patch is written relative to
ifmail 2.8f with tx7.7 patches but it should work with plain ifmail
2.8f, too.



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