Re: Compiling ifmail in Sun

Roeland Meyer (
Tue, 24 Sep 1996 10:30:33 -0700

At 08:15 PM 9/24/96 +0200, Bo Kullmar wrote:
>> Are you using GNU tools? Rather, which compiler are you using?
>> More to the point, whose MAKE are you using?
>Yes, GNU. We have both Solaris och gmake in the system. I don't know
>witch Robert used.

In which case, I suggest that either you Makefile is corrupted or the
directory structure is not what the Makefile expects.

Unpack the package, from scratch, and then go thorugh the Makefile and
make doubly sure that all the directory references are pointing to where
they should be. Also make real sure that you have the proper compiler
options in place.

Follow the install instructions *exactly*.

I am not a Solaris expert so I can not help you much. But it seems
that you have a build problem and that it may not be Solaris related.
Rather, it is particular to your site or instance.

Also make sure that all the utilities/tools that the Makefile uses
are installed properly. This is sometimes over-looked.

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