Re: File-Requests

Jim Balcom (
Sun, 15 Sep 1996 16:51:46 -0400 (EDT)

On 15 Sep 1996, Roland Rosenfeld wrote:

> From: Roland Rosenfeld <>
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> Subject: Re: File-Requests
> There are lots of people who are doing Fido with DOS and uses Linux in
> addition to this. Maybe someone wants to receive his ifcico here to
> switch the mailer from dos to linux ;-)
I am in the process of switching to Linux from DOS for all of my
Fidonet operations.

> > This file is for Unix systems only - so why do I need to map such
> > name ?
> I fear that most Linux users are using Dos-software for Fido...
> > next point: you have to keep 8.3 filenames related to dos.
Both points are quite true.

> > Next point: path in filenames IS allowed.
Nope! Not so.

> Other question: Which mailers are able to request filenames with a
> path in it? Some dos software is very restrictive...
Binkley does not allow a path when requesting a file. And, that's a
VERY popular piece of software in Fidonet.

> > If you're going to do 28566 links in uucppublic, your filesystem
> > will die without inodes.
> That's my problem. After reading FTS-0006 I don't like paths in the
> the requested filename but these links are the only way to request a
> file without path at the moment.
Modify ifcico so it will dive into sub-directories, and look for the
file there. That is Binkley's present behavior.
I'm hearing the argument that you may have two files by the same
name. I don't agree with that. In moving the entire filebone for Fidonet for
several years, I see duplicate filenames about twice a year. With Linux
being able to handle unGodly long file names, there is no need for duplicate
file names. Or, modify one of them to be distinctive.

> > Next problem with non-path freqs: suppose I have 28566 files. Sure,
> > there is some files with duplicate filenames.
> That's fido :-)
> > So, if somebody freq file1, 80k - and he need exactly file1, and
> > ifcico will find first "file1" - 54678k, not the one, that he needs
> > - ups. :))
But, in Fido, if I freq 'file1*.*', I will get ALL of those files,
dupes and all. Binkley will do a subtle rename as the dupes come in.

-= Jim =-