Re: Problems with password recognition

Marco Gaiarin (
Sun, 15 Sep 1996 21:17:05 +0200 (MET DST)

Mandi! Osay Osman Yuuni

OOY> Any help with this?

I've had the same problem with peacelink, an italian network also
in APC (mhh, Eugene, ifmail boycott APC?! ;))).

The problem is the 9 chars domain. I've told about this some month ago
but no one bless me... ;)))

I've noticed that (with binkley and FD) if i call the system with aka
61:3917/1.2@peacelink.ftn in config, i recognize the boss (and send to)
but bosses refuse to recognize me.

If i set 61:3917/1.2@peacelnk.ftn (note that peacelnk are the
conventional name of the outbound directory of peacelink in dos
system...) i refuse to recognize the boss (correct behaviour) but boss
recognize me (and send me).

I think that is caused by the DOS mailers that simply go out in EMSI
not with the EMSI data in config, but with the name of the directory. I
also know that in binkley the default are dos-name-dir=domain, but this
can be ovverridden (but never used).


ln -s /var/spool/ifmail/peacelink /var/spool/ifmail/peacelnk

and all work well!!! (a stupid trick, i know, but there's a better

For you, simply try to match the 8 charset name used by dos system, and
make a link.

Hope this help.

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