Re: File-Requests

Egor Egorov (
Sun, 15 Sep 1996 13:12:06 +0300 (GMT+0300)

On 15 Sep 1996, Roland Rosenfeld wrote:

> I searched the ifcico (2.8e-tx7.4 at the moment) source to find out,
> how to adress the files that are requested.

> What are the alternatives?
> First we can create a new directory (pubdir), which holds hundreds of
> symbolic links with 8+3 chars which point to the real files. This
> works without problems but this isn't very clearly arranged and keeps
> many inodes.
> So my idea is to have one simple map with the shortname on the left
> and the real name with relative path on the right column like this:
> ifmai28f.tgz unix/fido/ifmail/ifmail-2.8f.tar.gz
> if28f77p.tgz unix/fido/ifmail/ifmail-2.8f_to_2.8f-tx7.7.tgz
> fidopnte.gz linux/fido/FidoPnt-en.txt.gz

[skipped and skipped and..]

Well, I do not agree. Why ? Look. On my ftp site (link:
/var/spool/uucppublic -> ~ftp) I have 28566 files. How do I create such map?
This is the first point. Next - there is many unix-related files, like for
example, ifmail-2.8e_to_tx-7.4f.tar.gz. Why do DOS system need this file ?
This file is for Unix systems only - so why do I need to map such name ?
next point: you have to keep 8.3 filenames related to dos. Next point:
ifcico does translation. Next point: path in filenames IS allowed. This
mean: why not ? I have 28566 files - how do I do non-path request ? It will
take so much to process it. If you're going to do 28566 links in uucppublic,
your filesystem will die without inodes.

But I have one proposal:

tar.gz tgz
-pointlist.gz -pnt.gz

and so on: common filename parts translation. If somebody freqs
life.suxx.tar.gz he'll get life_sux.tgz. If smoebody need he'll get this_-pnt.gz and so on.

Next problem with non-path freqs: suppose I have 28566 files. Sure, there is
some files with duplicate filenames. So, if somebody freq file1, 80k - and
he need exactly file1, and ifcico will find first "file1" - 54678k, not the
one, that he needs - ups. :))

PS: Sorry for my bad english. :)

> Roland