Re: problems "too many tries waiting EMSI handshake"

Roland Rosenfeld (MSD)
15 Sep 1996 01:18:49 +0200

Pablo Saratxaga <> wrote:

Sorry for the late answer but I was only a point till yesturday and so
I didn't try inbound calls from McMail to ifcico. Yesturday my host
called me with McMail and we had the same problem:

> When I receive calls from McMail mailer they allways fails,
> the McMail log tell this:

> + 26 Aug 15:42:25 McM Calling Bad WaZOO, 2:293/2219.0, Cost: 6/40.0 sec [0]
> ~ 26 Aug 15:42:25 McM Serial: ATm0DT041445020
> ~ 26 Aug 15:42:51 McM Serial: CONNECT 14400
> + 26 Aug 15:42:51 McM FTS-1 mailsession

> The corresponding log on my mailer (ifcico) is:

> Aug 26 15:56:08 linux login[18185]: start inbound EMSI session
> Aug 26 15:56:33 linux login[18185]: too many tries waiting EMSI handshake

> I think that the big problem is McMail thinks is a FTS-001 session and
> ifcico thinks is an EMSI one. So ifcico waits for the EMSI packet until
> timeout, while McMail tries to send by xmodem the files...

Seems so. We found the following workarround: When you disable FTS-1
in McMail (only for the ifcico systems) the EMSI-handshake works
without problems. This isn't the optimal solution but it works. Any
idea how to solve the problem from ifcico (it isn't optimal that
everyone who want's to request a file with McMail here has to disable

> I use getty_ps

I have mgetty running.



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