2.8f released (Was: outbound...)

Eugene Crosser (crosser@average.org)
Tue, 10 Sep 1996 02:24:49 +0400 (MSD)

> Hello,
> If the value in the config file is for exemple:
> outbound /outb
> then the result will be a null string (yes, is stupid to put the outbound
> in the root, but that is another issue).
> Shouldn't it be better to have:
> if ((p=strrchr(fname+1,'/'))) *p='\0';

You are right. Unfortunately, this did not make its way into 2.8f,
that I've uploaded to usual places today. There are a few bugfixes,
yoohoo improvement from you Pablo, and max split message size is now
runtime configurable. Also, messages of fidonet origin are never
split now, thus eliminating the problem of multiple messages with
same ^aMSGID after double-gatewaying.