Re: outbound calls with FrontDoor and ifmail-2.8e

Daniel Moeller (MSD)
Tue, 3 Sep 1996 15:53:21 +0200 (MET DST)


> I recently installed ifmail-2.8e on FreeBSD-2.1.5. I am having
> trouble getting outbound calls to FrontDoor and MainDoor systems
> to work. No problems calling BinkleyTerm systems, and receiving
> calls from MainDoor (not sure about FrontDoor) works. I have tried
> disabling EMSI and/or WaZOO, with no luck. What happens when I
> try calling is that ifcico simply doesn't detect that there is a
> mailer on the other end. This is happening with multiple systems,
> so I don't think it is their end. I am using the port locked at
> 115200, but I also tried dropping it down to 38400 incase it was
> dropping characters. ifcicio seems to be receiving an EMSI_REQ,
> but not acting on it. My last working setup was using ifmail-2.8
> on Linux. Anyone seen this problem before?

I had a similar problem some time back, maybe it's the same reason. The
called system had a too long intro. After the intro was cut to about 20
lines calls with ifcico worked ok!