These are the "tx" patches for ifmail

What is ifmail?

Ifmail is a package that allows a Unix machine to integrate an FTN (fido-like) network, and act as a gateway between it and usenet and/or e-mail. It includes the gating software, an areafix, a nodediff patcher, a mailer and a file-echo manager.

What are "tx" patches so?

These are diffs against plain 2.9 version that add some functionalities. I maintain the "tx" diffs from many sources and contributions.

What are the differences ?

"tx" versions adds charset support, References: managing, support for different Areas files for different feeds, domain#1:2/34.56 type of adresses support, support for packet password different than session password, PGP signed messages support, better MSGID/Message-ID managements, and more.

Look at the README.charset for info on how charsets are handled.
Read Credits.TX for info on people who contributed to the "tx" patches.

What is new from tx7.8 ?

extract of Changelog.TX :

Changes in 2.9-tx8.0

  • argh ! I forgot to include clean_ref.c and clean_ref.h on previous release !
  • merging whith version 2.9
  • added macintosh charset support

    Changes in 2.8g-tx7.9

  • added chkftnmsgid() to iflib/ftn.c
  • corriged ifgate/mkftnhdr.c so it doesn't keep FTN messag-id's in the ref_db
  • corriged ifgate/ifdbm.c so long freename are registred only up to MAXNAME characters long
  • cleanup_ref utility that cleans-up the reference database (by M.Schaeffer)
  • iftoss now looks at ^aSPTH when writting the rfc-1036 Path: line
  • new strcasestr.c (by M.Schaeffer)
  • changed the moderator field in Areas file

    The files

    LSM.TX The LSM file
    ifmail-2.9-tx8.0.tar.gz (370246) This is the patched version,.
    ifmail-2.8g-tx7.9_to_2.9-tx8.0.tgz (8884) This is the patch from previous "tx" to last one
    ifmail-2.8g-tx7.8_to_2.8g-tx7.9.tgz (8884) ...And one step deeper...
    ifmail-2.9_to_2.9-tx8.0.tgz (372660) This is the patch from the official Eugene's version to the last "tx"

    Dernière modification :01/23/97

    Pablo Saratxaga